Under age 11

Your COVID-SAFE Plan for children under age 11


Children under the age of 11 are not required to provide proof of a negative LFT test and are not eligible for the NHS COVID Pass. We are asking everybody within this age range to complete a symptom check. Parents or guardians can do this on behalf of children.

How do I complete a symptom check?

Visit our COVID SAFE Hub on our website and click on the ‘symptom checker’. You will complete a short questionnaire and will then be sent a text message which you will need to show on the door to prove you have done this.

Under age 5

Children under age 5 are exempt from all COVID testing requirements and do not need a ticket. Please ask for one of our colorful under-5’s wristbands at the box office, which parents can write their contact details on in case your child wanders off!

DO I need to register?

No, however we recommend that a parent or guardian completes the registration questionnaire on behalf of anyone aged under 11 so that we can provide the most up-to-date information to you. 

When do I need to complete a symptom check?

The short answer is on Thursday and Friday. Depending which days you are attending, you will need to complete a symptom check within 24 hours before you arrive on Thursday, and again on re-testing day, which is Friday. If you would like to be extra safe and helpful, you can submit symptom checks as many times and as often as you like!

I am a parent or guaridan for multiple children.

You should complete the symptom check for each child. You will be sent a text verification for each, and can show these at the door at the same time. 

Check Symptoms Now
Click here to record a symptom check now.