YOUR COVID Safe Plan - LFT TESTING (under 16's)

FOR those aged under 16


You will need to perform an LFT test at least every 48 hours. As you are under 16 years of age, you are not eligible for the NHS COVID Pass and therefore you will need to prove your LFT test result by showing the SMS or Email which is sent to you when you register your LFT result on the NHS website.

Where can I get lft tests?

LFT Test Kits can be ordered from the NHS Website

Step 1 - Take your test

Take your test according to the guidance provided in the box. Remember, you must wait 30 minutes after putting your sample on the test strip before taking a reading. 

2. Report your result to the NHS

Report your result on the NHS website. You will receive a text, however this is NOT sufficient to prove your result. You need to obtain your NHS COVID Pass.


Once you have submitted your LFT result to the NHS website, you will be sent a text message and/or email showing your result. You will need to show this to our door staff, who will check that it was completed within the last 48 hours.

4. Get your COVID-SAFE wristband.

When you arrive, our staff will check your details and provide you with a COVID SAFE wristband. This will be valid for up to 48 hours, after which you must repeat the process.